American Flag Riding Mask

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Our American Flag Riding Mask is made of premium polyester microfiber, This breathable face mask is elastic & lightweight while providing UV protection. Great for multiple indoor and outdoor activities such as cycling, motorcycle touring, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile riding, and running.  It can be worn in multiple ways: face mask, headwear, balaclava, headband, hairband, headwrap, bandelet, neckband, neck gaiter, armband, waistband, wristband, bandana, do-rag, headscarf, handkerchief, ponytail, and beanie-type hat.

Product details:

  • Materials: thin and light premium polyester microfiber material
  • Color:Black Flag, Color Flag
  • Size: Elastic one size
  • Benefits: provides valuable UV Protection for outdoor activities
  • Made in USA